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Wanderlust: Tatra mountains

Czerwone wierchy mountain. (Source)

Today is the first day of Autumn according to the calendar. It’s also the fall equinox which means that the sun’s centre will be directly over the Equator at solar noon, making the day’s and night’s duration almost equal. The full moon close to the Autumnal equinox makes the moon light last well into the night, which used to help the farmers to finish off the harvest – hence The Harvest Moon*.

Ornak mountain. (Source).

Nowadays, it’s just the definite end of the summer. From today on we can expect shorter days, waking up in the darkness and coming back from work when it’s dark again. But hey, Autumn can be fun. Mother nature makes sure we’re entertained during the day with all the pretty colours around, we get sunny crisp mornings, apples and pears are in season and it’s a perfect season to go hiking in the mountains ( at least in Poland).

If we could go anywhere in the world right now, it would be the Polish Tatra mountains for a long weekend. We would rent a room in a small mountain village and go on long walks up the mountains every day, we would eat smoked sheep cheese (well at least I would, J is not a huge fan) on the mountain meadows, listened to the wind and then had some warm apple pie in the shelter (it’s tradition to have apple pie in the Polish mountains). Oh Tatry, how we miss you.

* Information found here

Sheep at Rusinowa Meadow. (Source)

Typical shepherd hut. (Source)

Aren’t these landscapes beautiful? If only we could take a long weekend… 
Have a good Friday everyone!
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    My first visit to Poland incorporated Zakopane and the Tatras. A truly epic place.