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Tatry hold a special place in our relationship – this is where we first met each other back in 2004. I think we spoke for the first time on a walk down Koscieliska Valley and then a hike up to Ornak (1854 m).

We don’t get a chance to go to Tatra mountains very often but it’s something I definitely want to do more often. Now with  flights from Edinburgh to Krakow, which is only a 2h drive away from Zakopane (the capital od Tatra mountains, similar to Inverness in Scotland).

Last summer we went for a hike from Kuznice to Murowaniec and then up to one of the beautiful ponds called Czarny Staw Gasiennicowy (translated as the Black Pond). It’s not a very long hike, lasts perhaps 5h or so or 6-7 if you want to take long breaks to take in the views. The next day we went for another hike but we were cought by a thunderstorm and decided to go back. We got completely soaked and were running down the path to reach a shelter at the entrance to the trail. It was very romantic.

Polish mountains are very well prepared for hiking with paths clearly marked according to the level of difficulty. There are many shelter huts where you can get a hot meal or a cup of tea and a slice of a delicious apple pie. Some people choose to hike from one shelter to another and spend weeks in the mountains, walking along the whole chain in Tatry.

There’s something addictive about mountains, I often find myself longing to go back to Tatry, inhale the sharp fresh air that’s so characteristic for this region and look on the horizon of rocky peaks.

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