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A rare piece of luxury // Portugal

I have a confession to make: I don’t do luxury. I’m one of those people who will only splurge if something is really worth it, or when I’m going to use the item for the rest of my life (I’ve wanted a Stutterheim raincoat since they started producing them but still can’t get myself to buy one). When it comes to travelling, luxury is simply not justifiable. When we got married, I had a stupid job in a cafe in a multinational corporation which shall not be named (which I hated, even though I love making coffee). I was getting married in a different country (back home) and they wouldn’t give me time off for long enough to go for a honeymoon. So we got married on Saturday and on Tuesday I was back to making soy cappuccinos and grilling overpriced panninis. It was fine at a time as I was in the post-wedding haze-happiness. The other day I was browsing through deal websites and found a pretty amazing offer for a short break in …