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Edinburgh for photographers

The must do locations for photographers in Edinburgh Edinburgh is photogenic, it has a iconic skyline, there are men wearing skirts and tons of students, which can change your trip into a photographic safari. Here is a list of the best places where to unleash your inner photographer in the Scottish capital.   People watching The Royal mile never disappoints if you’d like to take snapshots of people. The closer to August the better. During the Fringe festival it changes into one big street theatre, with sword swallowers, a Capella choirs and hundreds of people watching. Most people head towards the Castle, but you don’t have to pay the hefty entrance fee to enjoy some people watching. Simply walk up to the castle entrance, pretend you’re admiring the views and snap away. New Town in the morning Ladies in high heels walking their dalmatians and if you’re lucky dog walkers with 5 canine animals with a pedigree on tangled leashes. Walk around Moray place, Heriot Row and Dundas Street, where local higher class ladies go …


Alternative guide to Edinburgh

After you’ve seen the castle and walked down the Royal Mile it’s time to get to know the other side of Edinburgh. Truth be told, it had not always been the pleasant and family friendly city we find it today and you will not find much street art on its sandstone town houses. But don’t despair, there’s still plenty to do.  The Scottish capital has so much more to offer than just tartan, bagpipes and haggis (local delicacy).  With its curious mix of medieval and classical architecture, rich cafe and restaurant culture, mountains and sea, Edinburgh will please and surprise most visitors and it simply is a great place to live in. It can be easily explored by just by walking around at a strolling pace. See Edinburgh New Town It’s geometrical, it’s beautifully built and it’s a UNESCO site. Here is a short story about New Town: in medieval Edinburgh rich people and poor people used to live in the same buildings perched along the Royal Mile, which extends from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood …

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Edinburgh Photowalk #2

First of all,  a bit of an update on the exam front. I’ve had two days of practical exams so far. The first day went better than I expected and today was more difficult. The nerves got the better of me, I blanked so many times and didn’t have time to finish a lot of the stations. But hopefully I scored enough points to pass. We shall see. It feels like I’ve been in the exam mode for months now and I don’t really believe they will ever end. But I know they will. To keep myself sane, I go on walks around Edinburgh, to see Joanna in my new favourite cafe in Tollcross and I take pictures. Here are some of the ones I took when my Mum paid us a surprise visit. We went to Edinburgh City Centre, to Princess Street Gardens and went along the castle. The day was grey but dry – anything is better than rain, so I was pretty happy. We had more sunshine recently and there is definitely …

Edinburgh Morningside and Tollcross (32 of 36)

Photowalk in Edinburgh #1

I have 11 days left until my first exam. Life consists of two things mainly: revision and procrastination. I work hard to make sure that there’s more of the former happening, but you know, it doesn’t always work out. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we decided to go for a long walk around Edinburgh. We walked up to Tollcross, then to Bruntsfield and Morningside. Wondered around Grange and the Meadows park and ended up in a local coffee shop for a flat white and some people watching. There are the first signs of Spring in the city. Only 35 days left. We can do it. In the meantime, here are some photos from yesterday.

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Winter walk in the Pentlands

[vc_row type=”in_container” bg_position=”left top” bg_repeat=”no-repeat” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” bottom_padding=”4%”][vc_column][vc_column_text] Winter walk in the Pentlands When we first moved to Edinburgh I used to live in a neighbourhood called Marchmont – a part of town mostly inhabited by students and some families. After the first year we rented a small flat in the attic in Morningside, on Maxwell Street. I shared a room with my younger sister and the view from our window was looking out towards the Pentlands. Even if the pavements in Edinburgh are still dry and mornings not frosty at all, the Pentlands are usually dusted with white powder or a snowy duvet after some colder days. On Sunday we woke up early. I fried the bacon rashers and toasted some bagels while J flicked through a hill walking guide and chose a path – a loop of around 9 km through the hills. Since we were going for a long walk we shared 3 bagels between us. They tasted almost as well as in NYC. Almost. The bacon was super crispy. Our …

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Our neighbourhood is DUMBO

We’ve lived in the same part of Edinburgh for nearly 5 years. It’s not as glamorous as New Town, not as middle-class as Stockbridge and not nearly as nice as Marchmont or Bruntsfield. Despite the slow process of gentrification it’s still a bit dodgy. There is usually a whiff of marijuana on our street and groups of (rather harmless) guys hanging out on the corners. It’s called Fountainbridge, but its original name used to be Foulbriggs, which says it all really. Last weekend J had to take his boots to the shoe repair place in Bruntsfield, so I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures. Fountainbridge used to be the industrial hub of Edinburgh during the 19th and the beginning of 20th century. Have you heard of Wellingtons? The rubber boots worn by soldiers during the Great War, which gave name to the wellies? They were made (all 2750 pairs per day) in the North British Rubber Factory (now Hunter Boots), which is about 100 meters from our street, in the Castle Silk Mill …


Golden hour date {best gelato in Edinburgh}

On Saturday we spent the entire day cleaning our flat and finishing off a couple of DIY projects. In the evening we decided to go out for a walk. It was golden hour, a perfect time for a stroll in Edinburgh. We followed our usual route, down the West End and back to our flat. Passing near Affogato – we couldn’t resist the last gelato this summer (salted carmel and oreo for me, pear and salted carmel for J). They have an lovely cafe dog who insisted on resting her head and having a nap on my foot. As dogs do.  Now of course I want a dog. How was your weekend? I’m back to regular posting now and will be finishing our Bali trip this week too. –  Malgosia


What to do when you’re jet-lagged?

… there were a lot of first times during our trip to Indonesia.  The first long haul flight, first time outside of Europe, first broken suitcase, first jet lag.  When we came back I woke up at 3 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I made a cup of tea in our cold and quietly eerie kitchen and sorted through the letters which accumulated over the past three weeks. I caught up with the news, having carefully avoided it while on the other side of the planet for the fear of feeling too far away from home to cope.  4 am slowly appeared on my red alarm clock so I made a thermal mug of sweet tea, packed left over chocolates and I woke up J to watch the sunrise. It’s been on my bucket list of things to do before we leave Edinburgh for good.  We weren’t the only ones on the Calton Hill. There was a cute (and very drunk) couple who decided to see the sunrise after a night of partying. …



Definition //In meteorology, haar is a coastal fog. Haar is typically formed over the sea and is brought to land by wind advection. This commonly occurs when warmer moist air moves over the relatively cooler North Sea causing the moisture in the air to condense, forming haar*. Edinburgh is a foggy city. Sometimes you can hardly see the next person walking in front of you on the pavement, so this wasn’t the most extreme case of haar I’ve seen. It adds to the atmosphere and makes me wonder what was it like to live here during medieval times. It’s also one of those things that people of Edinburgh unite over (at least in my mind they do), that makes you feel like a part of this city because you know that it happens and when it does you know where it comes from. “Aah, It must be because of those two warm days we had last week..” * source

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The Wild West in Morningside // Edinburgh Walks

  On Sunday we explored a little-known part of Edinburgh.. We lived in Edinburgh for almost 7 years and I’d like to think I know the city pretty well. The Wild West is an example of how easy it is to miss things that are on your doorstep. I only learnt about it from Zoe’s blog and decided it was too good to not see with my own eyes… You see, we used to live at 11 Springvalley Gardens for more than 9 months. It was one of our favourite flats, on the top floor with a view of Morningside rooftops. Little did we know that 20m from our front door, there was a little (and most likely the one and only) corner of Wild West, right here in Scotland. So this weekend we decided to go exploring. The weather was rather dire – foggy and cold, which only added to the eerie atmosphere of this abandoned corner. The story behind it is rather interesting too: it was built by a joiner and furniture maker …