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Rome & Campania: Part 4

 After a whole day of travelling (including getting lost in Naples) I couldn’t wait for a more relaxing part of our trip: 5 days on Capri. We were staying in the western part of the island (near Anacapri), which is not so popular with the glamorous crowds as Capri. We stayed in a small budget guest house, which only had 3 bedrooms and two hosts (Ubmerto and Ciro), who lived in the house full time. <br/ The area around our accommodation was popular with families, summer house owners and people, who call Capri their home (lucky them!). There was no shop, not many facilities and only a couple of small family run restaurants, which suited us just right as we weren’t really that drawn to the more touristic (i.e. much more expensive and also, well, quite posh) part of the island. On the morning of our second day on Capri we had breakfast on the terrace (overlooking the sea and also with Ischia on the horizon) and we made our way down the cliff to …

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Rome & Campania: Part 3

  After one day of waking around Rome in the August heat we were ready to leave the city behind and travel south to the beautiful Campania region. Our B&B didn’t serve breakfast; instead we received two vouchers to a local cafe, where we could ask for a continental breakfast of a croissant, coffee and juice. Our train to Naples wasn’t leaving until around mid day so we had plenty of time for a long breakfast and a visit to a local supermarket to get some food for the journey. We were planning to go exploring Naples but again we were defeated by the heat. We wanted to be on Capri as soon as possible and even go for a quick evening swim. Little did we know that things weren’t going to go as smoothly as we wanted. We arrived in Naples at around 3PM and asked 2 different people what was the best way to get to the harbour. Confident that we received trustworthy instructions, we boarded the underground train and left at the …