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Borowice // Poland


I just finished reading “Call of the Wild” by Guy Grieve, a Scot who felt trapped in his office job and yearned for adventure. He left his family for a year to live in the Interior of Alaska in the solitude of the great forests and temperatures plummeting as low as -60 degrees. His story reminded me of the Polish winters, which I dearly miss.

Don’t ask me why, but I love a very cold crispy winter day,  as in when the air is so cold it hurts a little when you take a breath. The coldest winter I remember was in 2006 – we went on a trip to Karkonosze Mountains on the Polish-Czech border in the south-west Poland. We took an overnight train with our friends and the inside of the coach was covered in frost – as the heating on the train wasn’t working. After 12h we arrived in Borowice.
^^ that’s my younger sister.
The temperatures were reaching -25 Celsius. We stayed in a small guest house and rented very old skies, which looked as wood panels, from a tiny hut located by a rickety ski lift. At that time I was still shooting on film.The place we stayed in was a tiny village with two guest houses and a chapel. We stayed there for a week or so. Went for long walks and did some skiing.
This reminds me that I miss real Polish winters. Of course the one time there was a real winter in Edinburgh I was cursing the public transport and fell at least twice, hitting my bum on the frozen pavement. That’s not the part I miss.
 I miss the clear blue skies, squeaky steps on fresh snow, the smell of frozen air, starry nights. Being in a quiet winter forest. I can definitely see the appeal of living in such a remote place as Alaska. Sitting in front of my log cabin, sledge dogs sleeping at my feet and a spectacle of Aurora Borealis above the lake. A girl can dream, right?
Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip. Can’t believe it was almost 8 years ago.

^^ long walks in the forest.

^^ Kuba – such a teenager, haha

^^ just sitting on a massive stone, as you do.

^^ We were such kids, gosh. Time flies.
Do you like winter? Did you secretly wish for white Christmas?
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