Month: September 2014


Up North

We’re packing out little car again and heading up north today, to the Highlands and Islands. Trips, for which I need my hiking boots, hunters and a woollen jumper are my favourite kind of vacation. See you next week, hope you have a cosy weekend! – Malgosia


Coincidence? I don’t think so. {a story of my family house fire}

As some of you may remember, my family house in Poland was struck by a lightening during summer 2012.  My sister and I were sitting on a sofa in my flat and she got a phone call from a friend saying that our house was on fire… Naturally, our first reaction was disbelief. The whole situation was very surreal. Luckily nobody was hurt. Our house lost its roof, attic (with all its contents) and some of the first floor. When I arrived home the following year the house was rebuilt and the fire was something we all tried to forget. (Side note: My mum is a superhero, she supervised the whole reconstruction, fought with insurance companies and joked that at least she got to choose the roof colour for the second time, since she wasn’t a huge fan of the first choice). But the story I wanted to share today is about something else.  When I was in primary and secondary school I had many pen friends whom I’ve met in Christian group I was …


Let’s catch up…

^^ picture by my sister, Kasia. I feel like I’ve neglected this place for far too long now. I missed writing over the summer but decided to write in a journal instead of the Internet. Anyway, I’m back here now and I’d love to learn more about people who read this blog of mine (I know you’re there, page views don’t lie, so don’t be shy and say hi! << accidental poem). So with a view of getting to know you all better, here are some insights into my current life. I’m now in my final year of medicine. I have exactly 16 weeks and 3 days (including today) left in hospital before I sit the 2nd part of my final exams and become a doctor (yikes!). But thanks to my university’s system, I will only start working next August which means almost 5 months of unemployment… or holidays! But more on than later. My current hospital is 50 miles away from Edinburgh and I have to be in for around 8 am every day, …


Bedroom makeover {process and result photos}

Last week we had a pretty dire bedroom and almost no money to change it. Today we have a pretty bedroom and are short only about £50. The problem with our bedroom is that it is on a ground floor and faces the street. Which means that you can have a conversation with a neighbour with only a thin glass window between yours and her face. As we’re renting there’s not much we can do about it, but on Friday I’ve had enough. So in a true “Little Green Notebook” moment we did DIY. Here’s what we bought: supplies for two small bedside shelves in IKEA one photo frame linen fabric for a headboard and foot-board cover (since we can’t change the bed I figured I could sew a cover.  I didn’t even knew headboard covers were a thing! but there you are. thanks Pinterest.) gold paint in homebase One revelation I had on Saturday was that golden paint was probably the only thing that had been missing in my life. I was pretty much …


Golden hour date {best gelato in Edinburgh}

On Saturday we spent the entire day cleaning our flat and finishing off a couple of DIY projects. In the evening we decided to go out for a walk. It was golden hour, a perfect time for a stroll in Edinburgh. We followed our usual route, down the West End and back to our flat. Passing near Affogato – we couldn’t resist the last gelato this summer (salted carmel and oreo for me, pear and salted carmel for J). They have an lovely cafe dog who insisted on resting her head and having a nap on my foot. As dogs do.  Now of course I want a dog. How was your weekend? I’m back to regular posting now and will be finishing our Bali trip this week too. –  Malgosia


Bali Part 1 // Ubud

Ubud, the royal town of Bali is also the island’s cultural centre, with temples, museums, rice paddies and five star hotels built next to simple yoga centres. I wouldn’t call it a town of contrasts though. The ambience is very relaxed, the poverty well hidden in the back alleys as to not to be an eyesore to the eco-friendly, yoga-pants wearing, earth-loving tourists. I’m being a little sarcastic because it seems as though the Eat Pray Love book, by many referred to as “that damn book”, resulted in an influx of a very defined demographic to Ubud and probably shaped its current expat-led cafe culture. Places such as “Sacred Scoops” (raw, local, vegan, organic, low-glycemic, gluten free ice cream) seem to grow like mushrooms on every corner, which makes me chuckle a little. Nonetheless it’s a very pleasant, culturally rich place; and for us it was a perfect starting point to explore Bali. For the first week or so we stayed in a small village around 15 minute drive from Ubud in a cosy hotel …


My ideal country {5 favourite things about Scotland & Poland}

GB// This post is written as a part of the Pole’s Club Abroad (a club for Polish female bloggers who live abroad and write a series of blog posts on the same theme each month) PL // Ten post jest częścią serii wrześniowych postów Klubu Polki na Obczyźnie GB// This month’s theme is “My ideal country” – i.e. 5 things I miss about Poland and 5 things I love about the country I currently live in. This will be my ode to Poland and Scotland – two countries which I’ve grown to love over the years, which I am happy to call home. Scotland  1. Sense of humour This is a no-brainer. I simply love  the Scotts’ sense of humour, their down to earth no-nonsense approach and ability to laugh at themselves. Not a day passes in hospital without somebody saying something so funny that the whole room dissolves in laughter. Interactions and simple every day conversations between Scotts I work with are also full of witty comments, sentences worded in a cheeky way, and friendly sarcasm towards …


Bali : Introduction and the first night in Kuala Lumpur

*oh Bali…* I’ve been thinking how to start sharing our Balinese trip and the first thing that comes to mind is just a dreamy sigh. *oh Bali…green, beautiful Bali* But let’s start from the very beginning. We boarded the Dreamliner to Kuala Lumpur, not later than about 10h after coming back from T in the Park (the biggest music festival in Scotland, one that people, now including us, are pride to have survived). We were exhausted and so happy to have the next 7h to just relax, sleep, read and watch movies. It was my first long haul flight ever and the novelty of it was indeed very exciting, but I tried to keep my cool and concealed it by sleeping (obvs.). We flew with Qatar airways over a couple of war zones, oblivious to the fact that two days later hundreds of people would tragically die on the same route, many of them indeed having boarded the Malaysian aircraft with the same prospect as us:  of a glorious holiday in Bali (such a chilling thought, that I still have …