Month: October 2011

Daydreaming: skating

We are planning 1 week of staycation this December and today I started daydreaming about skating, winter wonderland, mulled wine, gingerbread cookies and all the other fun things we’ll hopefully get to do. I’m not very good at skating, but  I’d love to try it more often and this winter it’s definitely on my to-do list.Don’t you think that there is something very lady-like about skating? And here is what skating in Edinburgh used to look like in 1900s. St Margaret’s Loch, Edinburgh Duddingstone Loch, Edinburgh Do you like skating? Are you already daydreaming about winter, or rather dreading it?   *picture sources 1 |2| 3| 4|5 all via Flickr

Sunday I’m in love…

… with the film “The Help”. We just got back from the preview screening of “The Help”, which is based on one of the most talked about novels of this year, and a #1 NY Times best-seller written by Katrhyn Stockett.  My first thought was that this book was about the civil rights and race separation in the US in 1960s, but now I think there is much more to it. The novel describes how a young aspiring journalist from Jackson, Mississippi embarks on a secret and risky writing project with two black maids – Minny and Aibileen at a time of civil rights movement in 1960s. A lot of the points and threads of this story are universal and timeless though. Kathryn Stockett beautifully describes the social pressures and behaviours, how easy it is for us to conform only to get an appreciation of the group we want to be part of. Both the film and the book are full of hope, courage, humour, determination for a change in social structures and the value of staying true to …

Cosy minimalism V.4: Gothenburgh

For this week’s cosy minimalism series I’d like to share a beautiful studio apartment from Gothenburg. My first impression was that it was extremely minimalistic, however with a mixture of textures and some colourful accents it softens up a little bit and the space works beautifully. I think the main advantage of this studio is the light and white floors, which give an illusion of a bigger space. Although, knowing mine and J’s love for books, vinyl records etc. I think it’s unlikely we’d ever be able to keep our flat as minimalistic as this one. What do you think? Is it cosy enough? Or does it just seem too empty? Also, don’t you love the Smeg fridge (further down) ? I do. Who wouldn’t like to live in a building which looks like Moomins’ house? What are your thoughts? Too minimalistic or cosy? *source


Some time ago #whyedinburghrocks was trending on Twitter. I looked up the pictures fellow twitterers have posted and I made it into a collage. I think there are plenty of reasons why Edinburgh rocks. below are some of the things that people have said: Capital city masquerading as a village @queen_of_tarts Its streets and tweets are filled with literature. Breathe in and you can taste the words. @wpbookfestival A view round every corner! History under your feet. And Edinburgh Rock. x @BirlinnBooks world leading breast cancer research unit at the Western General Hospital @breakthroughSco A literary city crammed with writers and stories. “The stories are in the stone” – Ian Rankin @EdinCityofLit  if someone asked me I’d say: because of its impressive architecture, rich history, excellent restaurants, you can walk everywhere, within 25 minutes you are in the Pentland Hills or by the sea and it’s great for joggers. if you’re local, do you think Edinburgh rocks? if yes, why so? what do you like the most about your city/town/village? *pictures credits: most pictures by: @EdinSpotlight   (check …

My picks from the Lodz Design Festiwal 2011

Very often when we go to Poland we fly to Lodz, as it’s the most convenient direct connection. It’s not my favourite city in Poland but it certainly has its post-industrial charm. As it happens, Lodz is hosting an annual Design Festival, which is the biggest event of this kind in Poland. It features design in various forms: starting from industrial design, through arts and crafts to graphic design, architecture and fashion. I had a good browse through their pretty website ( don’t you love the owl logo?), and below are my picks: I LOVE the wooden crib! It reminds me of a classic Eames DSW chair in its design a little bit. The bench is pretty cute too, don’t you think? If you happen to have a browse through the Lodz Design website, I’d love to hear which were your favourite designs. Have a good Tuesday! 

Sunday I’m in love…

… with colours of this Autumn, which are sadly fading away. It’s late Autumn actually, it seems like I blinked and it’s already middle of October. How the time flies. We didn’t get to go for any walks this past week except for going to work/university and below is what we captured.  What is your city like this Autumn? Are the colours fading away already? I’m pretty sure I could feel the scent of winter in the air one of the mornings last week. I wish it didn’t come too quickly. Autumn is just too pretty. Hope you’re having a leisurely Sunday!*all of the pictures of the city and the one at the very bottom taken by J, the rest by myself.

ECA degree show 2011

Sculptures by a Korean artist  Hyanghee Lee  Anish Kapoor, Untitled (2010). Wax, oil based paint and steel This sculpture was being made constantly, as the metal piece was moving and smoothing the wax. Curious. Photography exhibition of Pu Yao titled: Blackfriars. You can see more here. Sometime in August we visited the Edinburgh College of Art for a postgraduate degree show. I almost forgot that we took some pictures there and found them today on my computer. It was so interesting to see the various art pieces produced over the last year by young and talented students. We were truly amazed at some of the pieces we saw. J’s favourite section was architecture and interior design and mine illustration. That’s also where we came across the work of Turine, whom we then interviewed here. I’d highly recommend art schools’ degree shows if you’d like to discover new talents and get some inspiration. We’re definitely going next year. Hope you’re having a lazy and relaxed Saturday:)

Northern lights, corona, Hailuoto, Finland 2000

Daydreaming: Northern Lights

As you know, I’m sometimes daydreaming about going to one of the countries where you can watch Northern Lights. Today I found myself watching this time-lapse video from Tromsø in Norway by Tom Even Mathisen. I found it so serene and calm. A perfect 2 and a half minutes to relax after a hectic week. I’d love to be able to see it in real life. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Afterwards, I read on Tom’s blog that there is an even more beautiful video of aurora borealis ( another name for Northern Lights), which in his opinion is the best in the world. Here it is: In The Land Of The Northern Lights from Ole C. Salomonse. 

Cosy minimalism V.3: Warsaw

Today I’d like to share a beautiful and uncluttered living space from one of my favourite websites as of recently : IKEA family live. This home belongs to a Polish couple – Joanna and Sebastian who ditched the city life for a spacious and open house with a garden in the suburbs of Warsaw, where their pets ( a dog and 3 cats) would be much happier. They kept their interiors simple and uncluttered while avoiding the impression of a cold and un-lived in house. It’s quite the opposite actually. It’s cosy and minimalistic with tons of character. Just the way I like it.  It’s exactly the kind of space I’d like to live in one day. So airy and light. I would probably add more splashes of colour here and there. And some Eames chairs.  PS. Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday! (one sleep until the weekend) *source: IKEA family live Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Sunday I’m in love …

… with slides. Such as this indoor slide in a NYC East Village condo, which would cheer me up every morning: via Design Milk …with this giant slide at the University of Munich via …with outdoor slides. This would make my commute so much more fun.  an awesome slide on a Dutch train station in the city of Uthrecht {source} … perhaps I should suggest this to the subway in Glasgow. ….and finally, with this slide in the City Museum St Louis. It takes you 7 floors down from the roof to the ground floor. How rad is that? via Synthfiend.  I hope you’re having a relaxed and cosy Sunday!