Month: September 2011

Cosy minimalism: Copenhagen

As you’d know, cosy minimalism is the definition of our dream interior design. This apartment in Copenhagen not only ticks all of my boxes in terms of the aesthetics; the owners have created a beautiful and functional space using recycled furniture and thrifty finds and they sure did a great job. I love the bare roof beams, the colour palette for the living room and the purposefulness of every little corner in the house. So here goes a first volume of a series called Cosy Minimalism.  What a great idea for a DIY project! Books arranged according to colours and zoological vintage posters are my all-times favourites too. Cosiness and minimalism it is.  The styling: Louise Kamman Riising, photos: Pernille Kaalun. Source. And here are 3 posts about interior design that you might have missed:1| flat envy2| MINI HOME TOUR OF OUR FLAT3| LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER BOARD

This weekend

What are you up to this weekend? It’s the Doors Open Days here in Edinburgh this weekend, where many many interesting buildings are available for the public to see and explore. We can’t wait to see some of the Georgian houses in New Town! And tonight I’m baking a carrot cake – my favourite autumn treat. It’s the first weekend of Fall! Have a good one!

It’s time for a mug of cocoa

1| 2 |3 |4| 5| 6|7 |8 M:     Can you make me a cup of cocoa please? J:       For 12 zl*? (meaning : plain) M:     No, for 16 zl (meaning with foamed milk and marshmallows/ice cream) A cup of cocoa in the evening has become my guilty pleasure as of recently, especially if I happen to have a good book to read. (Have you read “The Help”? Honestly, it’s such a good novel. I can’t wait to see the film.) Also, ever since we’ve been to Norway for the first time, I want to buy a mug with moomins, aren’t they adorable? And the facemask mug (No.8) is not only pretty but how useful too. No. 7 is by a Polish pottery designers Boleslawiec. Imagine someone getting a full mug No 2. and discovering the shark once they’ve had a couple of sips :). PS. More designy coffee cup  *zl is the abbreviation for Polish currency Zloty.

Wanderlust: Tatra mountains

Czerwone wierchy mountain. (Source) Today is the first day of Autumn according to the calendar. It’s also the fall equinox which means that the sun’s centre will be directly over the Equator at solar noon, making the day’s and night’s duration almost equal. The full moon close to the Autumnal equinox makes the moon light last well into the night, which used to help the farmers to finish off the harvest – hence The Harvest Moon*. Ornak mountain. (Source). Source Nowadays, it’s just the definite end of the summer. From today on we can expect shorter days, waking up in the darkness and coming back from work when it’s dark again. But hey, Autumn can be fun. Mother nature makes sure we’re entertained during the day with all the pretty colours around, we get sunny crisp mornings, apples and pears are in season and it’s a perfect season to go hiking in the mountains ( at least in Poland). If we could go anywhere in the world right now, it would be the Polish Tatra …

Last weekend – the Botanic Garden

There was a bit of both sun and rain last weekend but generally it was terribly gloomy. We would normally spend it under cosy blankets drinking tea or another soothing beverage of choice. However, it’s the end of warmer days and we want to take the full advantage of our weekends. On Sunday I was half asleep for most of the day. We had some shopping to do and by the time we were done the rain started for good. Although tempted to head back home, we decided to drive by the Botanic Garden hoping the weather would improve (you never know in Edinburgh!). Indeed, the rain eased off and we crossed the gates. The Royal Botanic Garden is an amazing place we’ve always known about but I haven’t visited until recently. It might not be the best botanic garden or something that you can’t see anywhere else, but what I like most about it is that it’s a proper park. That’s nothing extraordinary you say. Well, yeah. But we don’t really have proper parks …

My commute

I commute to Glasgow most days for University. It’s a rather pleasant commute I have to say, the trains are rarely overcrowded and I usually get the window seat. Sometimes I have a nap on the train, but if I had enough coffee with my breakfast, I love looking through the window at the countryside. Yesterday was a very sunny crisp morning so today I can take you with me on my daily journey from East to West. Autumn is here, no doubt about that. It was such a sunny day! Fellow commuters rushing to the station. Can you spot my shadow? On the outskirts of Edinburgh. Speeding through the country. Going from East to West we were leaving the sunshine behind us. Beautiful fields. Gorgeous views from the train window. The light was incredible.  And back in Edinburgh again to a rainy afternoon. Luckily I had my umbrella. One day I will leave a bit earlier so I have time to take some pictures in Glasgow too!  Have a lovely day!

This weekend

Last night we went for a couple to drinks to 99 Hanover Street. The place was full, drinks delicious, the atmosphere great and we thought, hey this is fun, let’s go out more often (I admit we became one of those boring couples over the last year. not that we’ve ever been big on going out). Then, we ended up planning a trip and dreaming about New York. So this weekend I’m planning to buy this book, look on Airbnb and start planning for the next summer! I also have a couple of crafty projects planned, but more about this later.  Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! *All pictures via 20×200. Central Park South by Joseph O. Holmes West Forty-third Street (Yellow Cabs) by Joseph O. Holmes  Brooklyn Morning by Youngna Park