Month: August 2011

calton hill edinburgh 1

Seen through the artist’s eyes – Turine Viet-Tu TRAN

This week we are excited to begin the first series on our blog. Having been to the Edinburgh College of Art degree show, a couple of design markets and fayres, we discovered that there is a very vibrant artistic community in Edinburgh. That’s why we’d love to feature some of the young designers and illustrators, and ask them a couple of questions about living in the city.  The idea is that we will create a guide to Edinburgh as seen through the artist’s eyes.    First up is Turine Viet-Tu TRAN, an incredibly talented illustrator, originally from Vietnam. Her dreamy and imaginative illustrations brought me right back to my childhood. Here is what Turine said about her work and living in Edinburgh…   ***   Maggie: Could you tell us about your work? Turine: Through nostalgic, dreamy images, I let out the playfulness and creativity within myself. I draw in   order to see things once again the way I did as a child. Pre-occupied with books and illustration, I aim to bring people to a whimsical …

Tiny landscape in a coffee cup

If you’re struggling to smile while having your Monday morning coffee, this cup could just do the trick.  “When a product is created, it is as though new born, with no memory or understanding of the world around it. These relationships are formed through user interaction over time, the product “ages” and gains knowledge of it’s purpose in the world.The stain’s image is a representation of the products feelings, memory as the product ages through use.”                                                                                                                   Yukihiro Kaneuchi (Japan) Available here.

This weekend

What are your weekend plans?  We are planning to go on long walks even if it’s drizzling, maybe pop in  to see the Edinburgh College of Art degree show , and on Sunday to the Edinburgh Printmakers Fayre. Also, my dear friend is coming back to Edinburgh this Sunday and I’m super excited to see her after a long summer break.  Every weekend there is so much we’d like to do, but sometimes you just need to relax on the sofa with a glass of white wine, listening to new records, re-charging the batteries for the following week. Although I feel like we need to get the most out of those last days of summer, those long days with warm evenings.  Have a happy weekend! * picture sources:  1  – by Paul Octavious, 2 – by Youngna Park


This poster cracks me up.  This week my superpower would be to be able to survive and be energetic with NO sleep at all.Although self-replication and super intelligence wouldn’t be bad either.  * Poster by awesome Pop Chart Lab .

Living room makeover board

As I mentioned a couple of times before, we are planning to make our flat a little bit nicer to live in. Above is what we both came up with yesterday. We are just planning to order some large prints of our holiday pictures, buy a couple of prints and paint the back of our IKEA Billy bookcase shelves in Pale Duck Laura Ashley in eggshell finish.  I think we also need a couple of nice throws. And there is our almost finished wooden desk, which is just waiting for the drawer handles to be attached before we can share a couple of pictures here. I considered buying some pretty fabrics from Marimekko to sew the cushion covers, but they are quite pricey and I found very similar patterns in IKEA for a fraction of a price. I can’t wait to starts sewing! I’m still looking for an affordable felt basket for some additional storage for magazines and my knitting sticks, so if you know where I can get one, please let me know :).  The lamp …

Mr Wood’s Fossils and Swedish cakes

Last Sunday the weather was glorious so we set off for a walk around the Old Town. We spotted this curious little shop selling fossils*. The Grassmarket was packed with tourists so we took a shortcut through the graveyard and went to the National Museum of Scotland. We’ve been there every weekend since it re-opened after refurbishment and are still in awe of the work that was put into all the different exhibitions. did you know that whales (my favorite mammals) have fingers?  This dress was worn by a lady who attended a ball in Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh. I  love its color, but it must have been a nightmare to wear while dancing.  There was a nice view over Edinburgh from the top floor of the museum. There is also a roof terrace, with some amazing views all the way to Calton Hill. After browsing through the exhibitions we went to Peter’s Yard for delicious Swedish cakes and juice.  my sister had a blueberry cheesecake. and I chose a chocolate sponge cake with pears.  If you’re visiting Edinburgh, I would definitely recommend …

Things that make me smile

1Do you know that even if you’re having a rubbish day, if you force yourself to smile it can get you into a better mood? However weird that is, mustaches and whales as patterns make me smile.   1|2|3 1|2|3 1|2|3|4 Hope you’re having a very good day:)


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, I think. I would wake up earlier than I have to, only to be able to celebrate my breakfast, enjoy my morning cappuccino, read a couple of blogs. Normally, I try to eat healthily, but sometimes it’s good to have a treat. Such as a wholegrain toast, with a thick slice of Jarlsberg or a toast with Brie and red onion chutney. Delicious breakfast can make my day.   What do you usually have for breakfast? Sometimes I run out of ideas, so I’d love to hear what your favorite breakfast food is:) PS. J can make THE best omelettes with jam. It’s our Saturday tradition. 

Pretty science

No time for a proper post today, so here goes an amazing picture from Nature.  It makes me happy for the following reasons:  – it’s pretty – it’s colorful -it’s a result of an ingenious experiment – it looks as though it’s something knitted PS. Apologies for a geeky post. Since both me and J have a geeky side, you can expect a small dose of harmless geekiness on strolling about. Hope you don’t mind.